LMS Entertainment offers experienced and talented party DJs. Real mixing pros dedicated to their profession.  Our music library is extensive and updated daily.  LMS Entertainment’s DJs have the ability to “read the crowd,” control and monitor music and microphone volumes, and skillfully mix a seamless and custom tailored music program. 

Dance floor action is a must at any memorable event & a highly skilled DJ is the one who sets the tone and energy level. There are subtleties to the art of being a great DJ, not to mention the required training it takes to operate such high-end, but sensitive equipment. LMS Entertainment employs experienced & talented party DJs—real mixing pros who are personable, passionate about music & dedicated to their profession. With an incredibly extensive song library at their fingertips, LMS’s DJs know how to read your crowd & skillfully mix a seamless, custom-tailored & cutting-edge music program for any party.